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Making Yourself at Home

Personal health is an issue that is prominent throughout the world. Medical device suppliers offer a wide portfolio of integrated IT solutions for healthcare providers, clinics, and hospitals. Flytech panel PC products are designed to make managing information more patient-centric, accessible, and transparent.

Major Applications in:

  • Medical cart

    Medical Cart is commonly used in hospitals to optimize patient caring via the collaboration among doctors and nurses. Flytech is your good source for providing a sleek medical panel PC with useful peripherals to ensure a hygienic environment.

  • Bedside Terminal

    To give patients the good environment and experience in hospitals, the demand for the CE/FCC class B certified fanless bedside entertainment machine has surged. Flytech K940 series is the high quality stylish equipment in bedside terminal application.

  • Clinical Information System

    The term Intelligent Hospital™ is defined as “the collaboration of technology and design to enhance patient care”. It broadly uses today’s smart technology throughout the hospital, including the emergency room, operating room, ICUs, as well as radiology treatment, and pharmacy. Flytech’s goal is to help our customers create a sophisticated data analytic system, bringing the availability of resourceful and acute clinical information.