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Enhancing the shopping experience


The retail industry is characterized by a wide range of business serving different variety of customers. Personalized services, including loyalty programs, efficient paying systems and other stock management options are all crucial for running a profitable business within this sector.

Being in the hardware business for more than 30years, Flytech understands exactly what type of POS systems are mandatory for each type of retailers.



Mass Retailers - Department Stores / Supermarket / Convenience Stores



Mass retailers, those who serve large variety types of customers and commodities, requires a robust yet durable POS station that can handle all the commodity flow, cash flow, customer management system, logistic flow…etc. Peripherals also become important, such as MSR or I-button for employee identification, 2nd display to showcase commercials or receipt information. Flytech's POS systems can be customized to suit to your needs.


Niche Retailers - Gas Station / Pharmacy / Boutiques



Niche retailers may have specific requirements for their POS systems. For example, the lifetime, specifications, and warranty policies for POS systems in a gas station may differ. For boutique stores, the design of the POS system becomes crucial, as the POS system becomes part of the environment. High graphics capabilities and suitable peripherals are also crucial as it may need to show images and commercials to customers.


Other Retailers - Individual Shops



For other retailers, such as stores within shopping malls or individual shops, may need a easy-to service yet robust machine. Since each store may have a limited amount of POS systems, it must be robust enough to carry all the services needed in the store. Easy-to-fix is also crucial, since the whole store may rely on limited amounts of POS systems, it is important that each system can be fixed fast and easily. Pricewise, the system might need to be more cost-friendly.