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Enhancing Factory Efficiency

The growth in industrial automation technologies allow corporations to evolve from manually machine to fully automated facilities. Panel PCs as the critical component, provides the broad availability of information throughout your work force. Such a performance enables enhanced information exchange and system integration. Flytech has a complete portfolio to match your different requirements and applications.

Major Applications in:



  • Machine Automation

    To improve the capacity of machinery production, to monitor the quality of goods, and to become more user-friendly, equipment with built in panel pc is the trend of many industries, such as printing and automobile industries. Flytech’s K730/K740 series can be your business partner with its panel mount features, front RF signals, and isolated series port.


  • Factory Automation

    Today’s manufacturing processes are highly automated and depend on the reliability of digital information to achieve consistent quality and productivity. In working station, the true flat panel PC provides workers the good user interface to minimize display malfunctions, through reducing particle accumulation. Flytech front IP66 K730/K740 series and full IP66 SUS304 K770/780 series will be your good solutions.

  • Food & Beverage

    Consumers are now demanding the right to know what is in their food. The inspection of food quality and the hygiene of processed food has been one of the important roles in food and safety. Food processing facilities must have a hygienic design to prevent the development of bacteria and, as a result, stainless steel has been broadly applied on kitchen counters, refrigerators, cutlery, and food processing production line. By applying our Flytech’s full IP66 SUS304 K770/K780 series, they provide you a bacteria, corrosion, and heavy metal contamination free environment.